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Upcoming Litters

Below are our Upcoming Litters! Please fill out our application by clicking the button below!


Taki Vom Klicevo x Ruza Vom Klicevo
Confirmed Coming December 2023 

Sire: CH Taki Vom Klicevo, CGC, TKI, VHMA, FO, P1, PD1

Dam: V2 Rated Ruza Vom Klicevo, CGC, TKN, VHMA

What We Expect: We are expecting confident, good tempered puppies that will excel in conformation and/or bite sports. Taki and Ruza's confidence should make some beautiful good tempered puppies! Taki is one of our most anticipated sires to date! His structure is correct and has many working titles to prove his quality. He has been extensively health tested with results found on his stud page HERE. Being a European import we are excited to do this linebreeding with Ruza and see how they compliment each other. This will be a mid to higher drive working litter. Despite being a serious working dog, Taki is able to have a calm and steady temperament when not working and can go from a serious protection dog to completely safe around young children. He is the ultimate in protection and stable behavior and we expect that in these puppies.


Confirmed with 1 male puppy


Waiting List for Taki x Ruza Litter - Dec 2023


1. OPEN (After evaluation)




1. Carolina S (25)(C)(Female)

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