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Stud Dogs

Our Stud Dogs are held to the highest standards. We require our dogs to be truly well rounded and that includes the desire to guard and protect, as well as be mentally level headed and be able to think clearly. We compete in conformation, but we focus even more on stability and temperament. Nobody wants a liability, but we feel safe with our dogs knowing they will defend us and stay in the fight as proven on the field. 

Taki Vom Klicevo


Multi V2 Rated 2022 & 2023 ARC National Sieger

2022 ARC National Specialty Winners Dog

2023 ARC National Specialty Best Stud Dog

Height: 69cm (27 in) Weight: 50kg (110 lbs) Eyes: 2B

Fresh Chilled Available $2500

Taki, imported from Montenegro, is a whole new level of Rottweiler. He is dual registered with the AKC as well as the UKC and also is registered with the Working Dogs of America. He is calm, steady and reliable for all of his work both in and out of the house, but when you ask him to go, he is a powerhouse!  Taki is trustworthy and levelheaded, able to truly ascertain friend from foe. He is truly a guardian not a liability. Medium food drive, high ball drive and a strong desire to work, allows him to excel in the personal protection field as well as obedience and has even proven his temperament with his CGC.  Taki has earned his championship in the AKC show ring, including Winners Dog at the 2022 Rottweiler National Specialty and Best Stud Dog at the 2023 ARC Rottweiler National Specialty. He is now just a few points shy of his grand championship. He went V2 at the 2022 and 2023 ARC Sieger as well. Taki was the only tailed Rottweiler to compete at Westminster in 2023. He is OFA CHIC certified. Below is his pedigree and OFA link. 

OFA CHIC #159556


OFA ELBOWS: Djd1/ Normal 

OFA HEART: Normal/ Echo

OFA EYES: Normal

OFA JLPP: Normal/ Clear

OFA DM: Normal/Clear

OFA XLMM: Normal/ Clear

OFA LEMP: Carrier

OFA DENTITION: Full Dentition


Taki's Working Dog Pedigree


Taki's OFA Link


Taki Vom Klicevo

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