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Breeding the True All Around Rottweiler 

From AKC Champions 


To Multiple High Sieger V Ratings


To Top Competitive WDA Working Dogs



We test all of our dogs through the OFA for Hips and Elbow Health, JLPP, NAD, DM, & LEMP, and utilize specialists to test our dog's Hearts and Eyes for any genetic issues. All of our dogs have their CHIC number (or equivalent testing) at the age of 2 years old. We are certified Excellent in our health testing standards through GoodDog! GoodDog has been an industry leading program designed to help pet owners find and build relationships with reputable breeders. As breeders we submit all of our health testing proof and paperwork into them for evaluation before being granted our certifications in addition to the OFA. We have started also complete PennHip evaluations on our dogs. If a dog is imported, the only time we will not repeat a health result is if they were originally tested by a red stamp vet that is approved to take x-rays for the ADRK. Our standards are high and we back that up with our 26 month health guarantee. 


We focus on breeding AKC registered healthy & stable dogs from imported European and German show and working lines for our Rottweilers. We are producing dogs we intend to keep for our program and building up our lines, although we do like to use outside studs as well for diversity. Our dogs are beloved pets first and foremost and are raised in the home. As breeders, we feel a sense of responsibility to prioritize the overall health and temperament of each of our puppies, and to ensure that they are loved and well cared for prior to joining their forever homes. Every adult dog in our kennel is health tested extensively and receives at minimum their CGC temperament title before even being considered to be bred. We then utilize our dogs in either real world work like Search and Rescue or go on to title in multiple different avenues. We use Puppy Culture and Avidog puppy rearing protocols to help ensure happy, healthy, and mentally stimulated puppies. 


There's nothing quite like a well-bred Rottweiler. We spend many hours studying pedigrees, longevity, genetics and the health of each of our dogs, so that we can consistently produce conformationally correct, solid temperament, and healthy dogs. Our dogs are from heavily titled show and working lines and several have multi world champion parents and grandparents. We don't stop there. We title our own dogs and don't rely on import titles. Our Rottweilers are versatile dogs that are bred to be able to succeed in anything. Amazing companions and family dogs yet still capable of doing whatever activities you may want to take on together as a team. From high level bite sports to the finer points of conformation rings, our dogs love to do it all. 

Our Past Puppies



Meet Moriah Gwinn. she has over 10 years of Rottweiler experience including showing and working titles with the AKC and WDA. Her commitment to quality, temperament and health is par to none. Von Dara is currently located in Meadowview VA. The business is built on ethics and their commitment to the Rottweiler standard. 



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